Goodbye San Po Kong - our former office location
CCDC has been moving out from the old address. We shot some interesting corners and made a photo wall to record the memories over the years and share with you.



On the 11/F, posters of the newest performance are hung up on the wall. The left side is the entrance of our office and wardrobe.

Inside the old cupboard, there are posters of every year.

An office corner.

Inspiration comes at the balcony.

A little garden in the city.

We like to plant by ourselves.



Let's enter the wardrobe.

Stored costumes, colourful textiles and equipment of different kinds are used for costume making.

A vintage sewing machine.


Sweated clothes become clean again after jumping out the washing machine.



Now let's go to the technical department.

Every piece of props is a challenging experiment.

The containers carry the props and follow us to perform everywhere.

They are the best supporters for any on-stage set.

Props you can name are comprehensive here.




The old elevators require people to open the door on their own.

Street view of San Po Kong.

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