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Every story with CCDC, every heartfelt emotion, including the moment it arises, the stories of perseverance, the delivery of pure art, the laughter of unforgettable memories: all these are part of the many milestones CCDC has made in creating dance works over these past 40 years.

Let’s continue to collect our shared memories and keep the story moving.

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Bobo LAI (CCDC Dancer) & Terry TSANG (Former CCDC Dancer)

Full article: Dance Partners, Argumentative Lovers?

Bruce WONG & Shirley LOK, CCDC Dancers

Full article: A Love Story Born in CCDC

 LAM Chiu-ying, Former-Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Patron of CCDC

Full article: “CCDC is Hong Kong born and bred, and is a representative Hong Kong arts organization.”

 Jennie CHAN, Student of CCDC Dance Centre

Full article: A passionate story between Jennie and CCDC Dance Centre.


 Peggy LAM, CCDC dancer

Full article: Her journey of becoming a professional dancer started with a CCDC outreach programme at schools.


 Jacko NG, CCDC dancer

Full article: The difference between student dancer and full-time professional dancer.


Zelia TAN, CCDC dancer

Full article: Dialogue with the world through dance

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Bobo LAI (CCDC Dancer) & Terry TSANG (Former CCDC Dancer)

Dance Partners, Argumentative Lovers?
Bobo Lai and Terry Tsang are another young couple who met and fell in love in CCDC. Bobo joined CCDC in 2015 after she left Guangdong Modern Dance Company. When Terry joined CCDC in 2013, he was still a student. He danced full-time professionally for CCDC until 2018. He is now a freelance dancer and choreographer. Throughout the years, the two of them have been chosen by various choreographers to collaborate in dance duos together. In the upcoming online screening of A Lover’s Concerto on 13 September, the couple will perform as one of the dance duos. Bobo and Terry first met at a performance in Guangzhou many years ago. But it wasn’t love at first sight:

“I thought: ‘This girl speaks so loudly! She’s really noisy!’ Terry said.
‘I had no idea he was there at that time. I don’t remember him at all,”  Bobo said.

‘With just one word, I know what he wants to say’
After Bobo joined CCDC in 2015, they started working together. After many dance duo collaborations, they slowly got to know each other and realised there was chemistry between them. In 2018, before Terry left the company, they fell in love. In the same way they got to know each other as dancers by dancing together, their relationship helped them to understand each other as people. Over time, they’ve grown more in sync. Perhaps, because they are both in the same field, dance, they’ve struck out and tried new things. Bobo started to learn how to sing, read OSHO Zen Tarot cards and crystals, etc. Likewise, Terry also shares with her the people and things he encounters during his creative process. They broaden each other’s lives in this way.

‘Quarrelling is actually a good thing’
Despite their arguments, Bobo and Terry both say that “quarrelling helps them progress.” If they never quarrel, it means they are just staying in their comfort zone, and they will never know their own limits. It’s a sign that they are gaining knowledge when they learn how to communicate with each other and maintain their connection through love even when they are arguing. They are not sure if they will collaborate on any creative projects soon because life in Hong Kong is so busy and they are both concentrating on their own work. So, A Lover’s Concerto, is a great opportunity for them to have a reunion on stage, and give everyone a chance to enjoy a performance by a vivacious couple who have such a close rapport.

Bruce WONG & Shirley LOK, CCDC Dancers

A Love Story Born in CCDC

“He is more accommodating than me."
"My wife is always right."

Bruce Wong and Shirley Lok joined CCDC as full-time dancers many years ago. The initial spark between them happened when they danced together for CCDC’s Blind Chance in 2012. Over the years, they have grown closer together in the Company and in life. Bruce and Shirley got married in 2017 and had a lovely daughter last year. From their first encounter to starting a family, their story has taken place within CCDC. They think of each other as the other’s mentor and life partner, overcoming obstacles and experiencing bittersweet moments together.

Bidding Farewell to the Rehearsal Room Where They Chased Their Common Dream

When asked about the relocation of CCDC Dance Centre, they said it is hard say goodbye to Wong Tai Sin. All their memories of the community, the food, and the neighbourhood have unconsciously enriched their creations over the years. The rehearsal room is where they pursued their dreams together, and it is like a second home to them. Shirley believes that even though the dance company will still go on, it is not easy to leave this place. It is like "parts of our body are being cut off. "

Art That Tells Their Story

Bruce and Shirley are part of the dance work, A Lover's Concerto, which will be shown in September this year. Their concept of duet dance starts from the word, “home.” They developed the dance from their own lives, including their life in CCDC and their feelings towards this city. Bruce said they have faced many changes in the past. These changes include their new daughter, the relocation of CCDC, and other events in Hong Kong. From this, they extracted their feelings and commonalities. A Lover's Concerto features CCDC couples from different generations, dancing on the same stage. The effect is very exciting and evokes the sense of a legacy.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this work has been postponed several times. Amidst these constant changes,  CCDC has been actively looking for innovative ways to maintain our communication with our audiences. Whatever difficulties lie ahead, CCDC will continue to dance with you.

We sincerely hope that you continue to dance with us!

LAM Chiu-ying, Former-Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Patron of CCDC

“I watch dance because I can’t dance.”
Mr. Lam’s first experience of modern dance was when he was in his 40s. He joined a modern dance class at university, but he only stayed for six months. All his other classmates were female, and he found it a bit embarrassing and difficult to be the only guy and 40 years old in the class. But it didn’t stop him from enjoying modern dance: he started going to CCDC performances to enjoy it as an audience member.

“I donate to things I love and find interesting.”
After he retired, he planned to donate one third of his pension to causes he loved, and this included supporting the development of modern dance. He’s been donating to CCDC for the past 10 years.

“CCDC is Hong Kong born and bred, and is a representative Hong Kong arts organization.”
CCDC is a Hong Kong organization. Its first artistic director, choreographers and dancers were almost all from Hong Kong and graduates from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (APA). With its strong Hong Kong flavour, it has become representative of the city.

“Connecting East and West with an emphasis on Hong Kong.”
In the future, I hope CCDC can keep its innate “Hongkongness”, while connecting eastern and western cultures. Take our creativity and energy and show the world, shine on the international stage!

Jennie CHAN, Student of CCDC Dance Centre

Jennie Chan Lai Nga is a big fan of CCDC Dance Centre. She has been dancing at our first studio at the rooftop of building during CCDC's start-up period and surprisingly, she is still active in dance now by enrolling 5-6 courses every season at Dance Centre. She devotes most of her leisure time to dance except a short break during pregnancy.

Jennie insisted that she will never give up on dance until she is not able to move. We hope to see you and all students in class after the suspension and continue our passionate story!

Peggy LAM, CCDC dancer

Peggy Lam, one of our full-time dancers, her journey of becoming a professional dancer started with a CCDC outreach programme at schools.

Peggy started learning modern dance in secondary school under CCDC programme. She decided to get into The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (APA) after graduation, however it didn't succeed at once. During this period, Pun Siu-fai, the Director of CCDC Dance Centre at that time, gave her a professional opportunity to perform with over 10 graduates of APA. She didn't feel timid, instead, she was utterly ruthless in her determination to become a professional dancer. In the meantime, she joined WuDaoQingNian - Podium Dance Performance, a professional dance training presented by CCDC Dance Centre.

Later, she made it to APA and became a CCDC full-time dancer after graduation. In 2019, she showcased her co-choreography of "The Odyssey of Little Dragon". Peggy demonstrated a spirit of " Never step back when coping with challenges in different stages of life".

Jacko NG, CCDC dancer

“It’s amazing that you can join the long-established dance company and become the full-time professional dancer. You may feel anxious or take some time to fit in, but it’s definitely worthwhile. Working at a dance company makes you realise and explore different “me”, which is essential to your performing career.”

Jacko Ng, from Hong Kong, graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2019, majoring in Contemporary Dance. He has worked with renowned choreographers and has been the recipient of scholarships from Gifted Youth Dance Programme; “WuDaoQingNian”; Wong Cho Lam; and Financial Assistance to Educational Exchange and Student Led Projects. Ng joined CCDC as a trainee dancer in 2019. When talking about the opportunity to join CCDC, “the teacher has talked once that I might be matched with CCDC’s style”, Jacko said. It may be a good first step for chasing dream in the field of performing arts. And of course that he knows CCDC well before the dancer trainee recruitment. Therefore, he made up his mind to become a professional dancer in CCDC.

“I was so anxious about how to look professional on stage during the first half year in CCDC. However, a senior dancer told me that after joining the Company, you should focus on how to make yourself shine on the stage, rather than just finish the dance steps perfectly. It impressed me the most during the days in CCDC. ”

After joining CCDC, it’s a great opportunity for Jacko to go further in his dance career. “Through dancing, you understand yourself more.” Exploring more from dance and gaining from stage experience. The change allows Jacko to shine on the stage.

Zelia TAN, CCDC dancer

From the passionate cha-cha dance in “Odyssey of Little Dragon” to exploring virtuality and reality in the physical theatre "〇", CCDC dancer Zelia continues to make breakthrough herself. Her little body on the stage radiates explosive power, among which her industriousness and commitment are apparent.

Zelia was graduate with a First-class Honour from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance. She studied ballroom dance and traditional ink painting since she was little, and has been a seasoned traveler around the world. These artistic experiences have left remarkable imprints on her sensibility and body.

She joined CCDC as an intern dancer last year, and this internship has successfully proved to be a smooth transition between school and career for her. "The support from teachers and colleagues has allowed me to gradually find a way of creating artwork. I like to think, to listen openly and to appreciate others during communications. My body and mind are becoming more and more conscious and free." No matter it is on stage or in real life, Zelia keeps asking herself "Who am I?", experiencing the value created by time and learning from the changing world.



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