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CCDC is now launching a new online streaming platform for our fans all over the world. Regardless of region and time, you may enjoy CCDC selections over the years at affordable price. In addition to the two new dance pieces of 2019 dance season, there are more picks of Jumping Frames to recall your love towards dance and performing arts. Create your own "dance theatre" anytime and anywhere!

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Re-Mark, a thought-provoking new work by CCDC Resident Choreographer Sang Jijia. 


The Odyssey of Little Dragon, the programme of the International Arts Carnival 2019
More Amazing Dance Works
Essentialise human beings. Self-match the legitimacy of camouflage
Rationalise weapons. Group those standing still as “others” and there is a reason for the massacre
Prizewinning practitioner of Baguazhang and Neijia Quan, Bruce Wong created his full-length choreography by coupling with dance and martial arts to understand fear. The choreography was inspired by one of the best-selling books Why not kill them all?. Reviewing yourself in true and confronting own strength and weakness through stage performance.
A site-specific dance performance
Let's return to dance's origin. This is the Rite of Spring for our time.
At the summit of Victoria Peak, with verdant forests as a backdrop, eight dancers perform in a labyrinth of sound installations laid out according to the theory of Feng Shui, creating an auspicious ambience.
Momentum is produced by the CCDC Media Lab newly established by CCDC in 2013. With the support from Contestable Funding Pilot Scheme of the Home Affairs Bureau, it aims to explore the possibility and potential of combining dance with various media, breaking through the conventional practice of modern dance performance and offering audience extraordinary experiences.

Stay tuned for more amazing works!

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