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CCDC Dance Centre Online Children Dance Class

CCDC Dance Centre online class continues to allow parents and children to embrace Happiness, Life & Art!

Online registration:

  • Successful registrants will receive confirmation emails with a link. Please click the link to begin the class on the day.
  • Limited quota. First-come, first-served.
  • Registration deadline on 11.09.2020 at 6pm


  • Participants need to prepare proper electronic equipment with lens and monitor, stable internet connection and download software/ application of ZOOM Cloud Meetings before class.

LanguageMainly conduct in Cantonese, supplement with English/Mandarin 

Online class fee:HK$100(each class);Enroll 2 or more class at the same time can enjoy 10% discount! (Original price at HK$100@)

Date:12.09.2020 Sat

C1209 【Mix Dance】Aged 4-7 
Instructor:Pak Wei-Ming



C1210 【Hip Hop Jazz】Aged 6-12

Instructor:Anfernee Luk



C1211 【K-Pop】Aged 5-10


Instructor:Janette Wong



C1212【Ballet Jazz】Aged 4-7


Instructor:Char Hoi-yan



C1213【Chinese Dance】Aged 5-10

Instructor:Lee Pui-pui


Terms and conditions are as follows

1.  Attendance is on a purely voluntary basis. All who attend the class do so at their own risk and must take their physical condition and ability into account beforehand. If you feel unwell during or after the class, please seek medical advice immediately. CCDC is not liable for any injuries or illnesses sustained from or during the class.
2. All instruction provided by the CCDC instructor during class is offered as guidance only. CCDC is not liable for any injuries or illnesses sustained from or during the class.
3.  Participants should prepare required equipment, a stable Internet connection and download the video software/application before class. During class, webcams must be adjusted to show the whole body. CCDC is not responsible for any issues relating to the software and participants should read all descriptions and understand related risks.
4. CCDC reserves the right to photograph or record any aspects of the class for promotional purposes.
5. CCDC reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.
6. Participants may not make their login information open to public and shared with others.
7. Participants who want carry out photography and filming during the class must be approved by the instructor and please do not affect others.


  • Wei-ming Pak


    並同年獲歐洲機構全資獎學金赴維也納參加ImPlusTanz Vienna International Dance Festival作交流演出,屬 少獲得全額獎學金資助的香港代表。2014年開始並為美國編舞家Trajal Harrell 發表新作品(The Ghost of Montpellier Meet the Samurai) 遠赴法國蒙彼利埃舞蹈節及法國巴黎龐畢度中心藝術節擔任舞者至今。白氏在校其間曾獲香港特別行政區政府外展體驗獎學基金,成龍慈善獎學金並先後四度獲城市當代舞蹈團獎學金前往廣州、北京參加舞蹈節。

    白氏自2009 年起開始進行個人創作,近其作品包括:2017年香港舞蹈聯盟獲選委约實驗作品《廁所泵》丶第45屆香港藝術節委约作品《900''》丶2016 上海第一屆現代舞展作品《演釋二》、舞蹈錄像作品《INNERMOST》、《Never an Individual》及《ROBOT》。

    白氏屢次到訪不同國家作舞蹈藝術交流演出,包括廣以色列、維也納、法國、台灣、北京、廣州及2016 年獲選香港藝術發展局前往德國杜塞爾多夫國際舞蹈博覽會考察藝術家。

  • Anfernee Luk
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Modern Dance)
  • Janette Wong
    Member of ShortyGunz &  Fe-style Ranger.
  • Pui-pui Lee
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Chinese Dance); Beijing Dance Academy Graded Examination (Chinese)
  • Hoi-yan Char
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Modern Dance)
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