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Special Courses 2020 (11-24.05.2020)



Special Courses including: 

Ballet, Chinese Basic, Chinese Shen Yun, Contemporary Ballet, Flamenco, Girls Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz TWC , Modern, Movement and Body, Movement and Dance, Pilates Mat Work, Pointe Work, Street Jazz, Tap, Yoga, Yoga Stretch, Yoga for Shoulder & Neck and Urban Dance.

  • Applicable to flexicoupons holder
  • Special courses from beginners to Intermediate Progressive level
  • Welcomed the Flexicoupons holder phone booking from 07.05.2020 , call us at 2328 9205
  • 7 quotas are reserved in each class
  • How to use Flexicoupon:
  • Everyone must wear a mask and take temperature check before entering the Centre.

Courses details (11-24.05.2020)

Mon (11 & 18.05.2020) HERE
Tue (12 & 19.05.2020) HERE
Wed (13 & 20.05.2020) HERE
Thu (14 & 21.05.2020) HERE
Fri (15 & 22.05.2020) HERE
Sat (16 & 23.05.2020) HERE
Sun (17 & 24.05.2020) HERE


Arrangement on Class Resumption

CCDC Dance Centre has put up the below preventive measures to ensure a safe and hygienic learning environment for instructors and students.

The Centre reserves the right to refuse entry for those who are unable to follow the arrangements.

  • Everyone must wear a mask and take temperature check before entering the Centre. If you have a fever, cough or discomfort, please seek doctor’s advices immediately and avoid visiting the Centre.
  • Instructors and students must bring and wear their own mask during the lesson. The Centre reserves the right to refuse entry if they are unable to follow.
  • Please be advised to remove your shoes and change into dance shoes before entering the classroom.
  • The Centre has immediately stepped up its cleaning and disinfection work by using cleaning solution containing disinfectant daily. At the same time, towels soaked with 1:99 diluted bleach will be placed at the entrance of the Centre and classrooms with regular replacement.
  • Students have to comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine imposed on all mainland arrivals in the past 14 days, close contact with infected or with those who visited China within 14 days. You are advised to stay at home and not visiting the Centre during this period.

Enquiry:2328 9205





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