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Noel Pong

Noel Pong graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with First Class Honours in modern dance and joined CCDC in 1997. Noel is promoted to Resident Artist in 2019. She is a homegrown choreographer celebrated for combining elements of dance and drama. Rainy Days and Mondays...(2006), her first choreographic work for CCDC, was restaged at the 3rd Guangdong Modern Dance Festival and Dance Trinity in the Hong Kong Dance Festival 2006. She was commissioned by Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival to produce a dance video based on Rainy Days and Mondays... in 2008. Her other choreographic works for CCDC include A Walk on the Cloud (2006), He Loves and She Loves (2007), Crime Scene (2009), Fairy Tales – To Be Continued (2010), Off Screen (2011), Inside Out in Strip Teaser 2012, The Buying Game (2013) and The Buying Game 2.0 (2014), Happy Birthday? (2015), Leaving & Living in She Says, He Talks (2016) and Nuts’hell in Come Across (2019). 

Crime Scene was selected by South China Morning Post as one of the "Best Dances" of 2009 and Off Screen received 2012 Hong Kong Dance Awards for Outstanding Choreography. Happy Birthday? was selected as The Hecklers “Best Dance Show” by HKELD. She has also been invited to restage several pieces of her work at the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. Noel is regarded as one of “Hong Kong’s most promising choreographers” by South China Morning Post.

Besides, she was also a mentor of Plastic Surgery (2014), one of the productions of CCDC Dance Centre’s REAL Showcase New Series. She is also the co-founder of Zero Zero Ensemble.

Mui Cheuk-yin
Photo by Vivien LIU@Studio UNIT
Qiao Yang

Qiao Yang, Resident Artist of CCDC, joined the Company in 1996, and made her full-length solo debut in Almost 55 in 2019.

Born in Shaanxi, Qiao Yang started learning Chinese dance at the age of 12. She received the Gold Award in the Modern Dance Duet Class at the Paris International Dance Competition in 1990 and became a founding member of Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1992, where she performed extensively in major international arts festivals in the US, India, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. She joined CCDC in 1996. With her performance in The Tragedy of Mr O, she won the 2003 Hong Kong Dance Award and was listed in the "Hong Kong Dance Hall of Fame". Qiao received Hong Kong Dance Awards “Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer” in 2011 and 2020 for her performances in Tales of Two Cities - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Eileen Chang, and Almost 55 respectively, and received a nomination for the same prize at the 2016 Hong Kong Dance Awards for Soledad. In 2020, Qiao was awarded “Artist of the Year (Dance)” of the 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards.


Photo by Vivien LIU@Studio UNIT




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