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CCDC 2017 Asia Tour: Amidst the Wind to Perform in Korea and Japan in October

For Immediate Release (19th September, 2017)

Contact: Miranda Li (Direct line: 3170 9931 / email: miranda@ccdc.com.hk)

Promotion Trailer: https://youtu.be/NQkTpXmftSg

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City Contemporary Dance Company 2017 Asia Tour

Amidst the Wind to Perform in Korea and Japan in October

City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) is excited to bring Amidst the Wind to Japan and Korea in October, performing at the Daegu Asia Contemporary Dance Festival on 11 October and at the Niigata International Dance Festival on 15 October.


Committed to showcasing the diversity of Hong Kong culture around the world, this year alone CCDC has performed Amidst the Wind at the Beijing Dance Festival in July and travelled to Israel in August with 365 Ways of Doing and Undoing Orientalism to Tel Aviv’s renowned contemporary dance hub Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theater. The performances were well received with positive responses and CCDC will continue to take our works abroad each year.


Amidst the Wind is a feast of the most exhilarating dance excerpts from CCDC productions in the past two decades. This mixed bill is handpicked by CCDC Artistic Director Willy Tsao and features works by renowned choreographers who make Hong Kong their base, including Tsao himself, Helen Lai and Sang Jijia, as well as recent creations from new stars in choreography, Dominic Wong and Noel Pong. From scenes in a living room filled with sorrow to a shopping mall full of fun, taking inspirations from the Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber to Western literary masterpiece Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Amidst the Wind distills the essence of CCDC into one unforgettable evening that reflects on our time and our city.


2017 Daegu Asia Contemporary Dance Festival – Amidst the Wind

11.10.2017 (WED) 7:30PM

Palgong-hall, Daegu Arts Center, Daegu, Korea

‎₩ 10,000


Niigata International Dance Festival 2017 – Amidst the Wind

15.10.2017 (SUN) 5:30PM

RYUTOPIA Niigata City Performing Arts Center, Niigata, Japan

¥4,000 (Below 25 years old ¥3,200)

*With post-performance discussion



Willy TSAO, Helen LAI, Sang Jijia, Dominic WONG, Noel PONG

Costume Design:

CHEN Dao, CHENG Man-wing, Suzy CHEUNG, Cindy HO Pui-shan, Charfi HUNG, Taurus WAH, Edmond WONG, YUEN Hon-wai

Lighting Design:




1. Colour Fugue | Choreography by Helen LAI

2. Fragile Beauty | Choreography by Sang Jijia

3. The Buying Game | Choreography by Noel PONG

4. Soledad | Choreography by Helen LAI

5. Second Thoughts | Choreography by Dominic WONG

6. As If To Nothing | Choreography by Sang Jijia

7. In Search of the Grand View Garden | Choreography by Willy TSAO

8. Blind Chance | Choreography by Dominic WONG

9. Sexing Three Millennia |  Choreography by Willy TSAO

10. Leaving & Living | Choreography by Noel PONG

11. The Comedy of K | Choreography by Helen LAI


This tour is the result of CCDC's participation in the Niigata International Dance Festival in 2015, where a collaborative network is established between Hong Kong, Niigata (Japan) and Daegu (Korea) to promote dance and foster the development of the art form in East Asia. The region’s leading contemporary dance companies, Daegu Contemporary Dance Company and Niigata’s Noism, will make their Hong Kong debut in City Contemporary Dance Festival 2017 in November.


Ticketing Information:

2017 Daegu Asia Contemporary Dance Festival



Niigata International Dance Festival 2017



Media Contact (CCDC)

Dennis Chung (Marketing and Development Manager)

Tel: (852) 3170 9924

Fax: (852) 2352 4199

Email: dennis@ccdc.com.hk

Miranda Li (Project Manager)

Tel: (852) 3170 9931

Fax: (852) 2352 4199

Email: miranda@ccdc.com.hk


Organised by




CCDC tour to Daegu and Niigata is supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo), the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

CCDC is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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