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Fragile Beauty - 2016 Beijing Dance Festival



Fragile Beauty  - 2016 Beijing Dance Festival


22.7.2016 (Fri)8pm

Lyric Theater, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

(No.9, Tianqiao South Street, Xicheng District, Beijing)

CNY ¥680/¥380/¥280/¥180/¥99

Box Office and Programme Enquires: +86 (10) 6405 4842 / 6405 4292 ext 8005

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Programme Description

There were cities, glorious as fireworks in the sky, vanished at the height of their magnificence. The loving dwellers within were scattered to the four winds. No, this is not our story. We have walls built with sturdy concrete and the endless bustle of city life. We have ambitions burning in heart, a cold shoulder to every stranger we pass. It is our story, perhaps. Look up and we see fireworks burn. Look down and we find ourselves standing in desolation. Don’t tell them: this is not the same city.

Tibetan choreographer SANG Jijia and his long time collaborator experimental musician Dickson DEE join hands again in Fragile Beauty after well-received As If To Nothing. The production concept grows from the nature of glorious yet ephemeral fireworks. As a calm spectator, SANG Jijia makes use of his impressive dance technique and engrossing music to tell stories. Everything disappears, like fireworks.


Choreography and Set

SANG Jijia

Original Music

Dickson DEE

Lighting and Videography

LOW Shee Hoe


Cindy HO



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2016 Major Cultural Exchange Project with Hong Kong and Macao, and 2016 Key Project Supported by China Friendship Association of Cultural Circles

The music is commissioned by City Contemporary Dance Company in 2016 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund

CCDC is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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