2nd Stage

the artists

Ho Lok Yee Cola, Li Ka Man Carman

Marco Chiu, Hui Ka Chun, Li Ka Man Carman, Wong Nok Wallace

Artistic Consultant
Bruce Wong

2nd Stage 2017
Creations Never Stop

As the cradle of the local dance creation, CCDC Dance Centre introduces a brand new creative platform for continues work ─ 2nd Stage. This is the 2nd chance for potential dance pieces which are previously performed to continue the journey, an exploration of creativity. It is also a golden opportunity for local young artists to review their work, to deepen and extend their creation.


Choreographer & Performer       Li Ka Man Carman
Dancer                                           Hui Ka Chun


Mrs Murphy

Choreographer                           Ho Lok Yee Cola
Performer             Wong Nok Wallace, Marco Chiu

To continue of WE.

Be monitored when the Light shining,
Privacy lust when darkness comes,
Room 101... 


All those little men that we haveforgotten
at the back of our head

Li Ka Man Carman born in Hong Kong, graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a bachelor of fine arts (honors) degree, majoring in contemporary dance.  Li was the member of Teen of Colour scholarship class (2005-2008) of City Contemporary Dance Company Dance Center and dancer of the 2009 WuDaoQingNian Dance project (Dancing Youth Two Cities – HK˙GZ Podium Dance Performance).
Recently performance:
in the air between Our particles, a creation with Hong Kong independent artist Emily Ng; Simon Says facilitated by the West Kowloon Cultural District,  choreographed by Emmanuelle Vo Dinh and co-produced by Unlock Dancing Plaza and Le Phare, National Choreographic Center of Le Havre Normandy (France), which premiered at the Pharenheit Festival at Le Phare in January; the Asia Premiere in June; Hong Kong Dance Company 8/F Platform X – A decade of creativity: A Short,Thick Rainbow cooperated with Namstrops (Japan) and Unlock Dancing Plaza ; multimedia dance theater: Living in the moment, Philosophy of Happiness and SCD2016/17-Philosophy of Happiness of Ant-men choreographed by Andy Wong; a full length environmental dance: Cross Waves & Moving Jetties performed in George Town Festival 2015.
Recent choreography works include: a duet piece Imagination Boom 3 - We (2016) presented by E-side Dance Company; her first full-length dance theatre WhiteBox Dance Series - House One (2015), collaborated with Tidus Ngan; a short piece WuQing DNA - expiry-date> (2013) in CCDCDC.                                                                                                                     


Ho Lok Yee Cola, began in the Gifted Young Dancer Programme and then studying on the BFA (Hons) in the full-time programme, majoring in Contemporary Dance. During her time at the Academy, she received several scholarships including the HKSAR Reaching Out Award which supported her participation in the Deltebre Dance Festival in Spain and Untamed Festival in Portugal, where she worked with David Zambrano, Tono Lachky and the Rootless Root Company.

Cola is a versatile performer who has worked with numerous outstanding choreographers, including Laura Aris Alvarez, Li Yong Jing and Jamie Redfern. She was selected to perform in the piece <Echad Mi Yodea> choreographed by Ohad Naharin. In 2015, she also represented the Academy in an educational performance in Macau, as part of a joint venture with Hong Kong Dance Company. Cola is also active in activities outside of school, she also featured in “Sense of Distance” by Li Yong Jing, “Not Yet to Forget” by Sudhee Liao and Ivan Chen, “Feel off the Line” by Ronny Wong and Mi Mi Tam.


Sep 16 - 17, 2017
16.9.2016(SAT) 8pm
17.9.2016(SUN) 3pm & 8pm

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