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The CCDC Media Lab is a new initiative created by CCDC in 2013. Its goal is to develop the countless potentials between dance and multimedia, bringing exceptional dance experiences to our audiences. Supported by the Home Affairs Bureau’s Contestable Funding Pilot Scheme, the Lab has already made numerous breakthroughs for the Hong Kong dance scene:

1. The Lab invited renowned Hong Kong dancerchoreographer Daniel Yeung and dance artists of different genres to collaboratively create an outdoor multimedia dance performance Journey to the West, which featured modern dance, ballet, pole dance, aerial hoop, aerial silk, tap dance, parkour and fire dance;

2. The Lab invited Dickson Dee, a key figure in Hong Kong’s music scene, to create a two-part site-specific work Momentum with choreographers Mui Cheuk-yin and Xing Liang, uniting Taoist concepts with contemporary dance, sound installation and interactive video art. The project is also in collaboration with 1a Space, extending dance from the realm of performing arts to that of visual arts;

3. CCDC has made Hong Kong’s first 3D dance film, In Search of the Grand View Garden, which will be premiered at the 6th Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival;

4. The Lab has facilitated the collaboration between Chinese and British artists in developing the interactive dance installation Hyperchoreography, an attempt to explore the mode of performance at the junction of dance, video and interactive installation; and

5. The Lab has established the position of Resident Sound Artist, who will take part in conceiving productions, provide ideas for choreography as well as give professional advice on sound quality at performances. The established Music Lab will be a resource for choreographers, dancers and dance instructors in their work, be it creative or educational.

CCDC will continue to enrich the ground for creativity in Hong Kong through the Lab, realising the experimental spirit of art. Watch this space!



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