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Summer Creative Movement (Aged 3-5)

Instructor : Miss Moon (Chick Hoi-ying)
Through imaginative play and creative movement, this course will help children stretch the possibilities of their bodies, and train body strength, balance and concentration.

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Jul (A)

Course Code : CCM101

Date:24-28.07.2017 (Mon to Fri, total 5 sessions)


Jul (B)

Course Code : CCM102

Date:24-28.07.2017 (Mon to Fri, total 5 sessions)



Aug (A)

Course Code : CCM103

Date:31.07-04.08.2017 (Mon to Fri, total 5 sessions)


Aug (B)

Course Code : CCM104

Date:31.07-04.08.2017 (Mon to Fri, total 5 sessions)


Jul(A) / Jul(B) / Aug(A) / Aug(B)
Each course :
$620(Early Enrolment 20.05-04.06.2017) / $700(On of after 05.06.2017)

Jul(A) / Jul(B) / Aug(A) / Aug(B)
Enroll in 2 courses
: $1120(Early Enrolment 20.05-04.06.2017) / $1260(On or after 05.06.2017)

*These offers cannot be used in conjunction with other benefits.

An assistant instrustor is assigned in each class providing a better care to students.

Students are required to wear school uniform and sports shoes or dancing shoes.

■ Open Class, Guardians are welcome to attend the below class at the last 20 minutes.

Course Code : CCM101 & CCM102 28.07 Fri
Course Code : CCM103 & CCM104 04.08 Fri



Instructor Bio

Chick Hoi Ying graduated from the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University with a bachelor degree majoring in dance. In 2010, she received her Master of Fine Arts from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. In her thesis, she explored on the topics of individuality, original intentions, truth, and their relationship with the body. In the same year, she presented her thesis at the International Dance Symposium for Hong Kong Dance Festival. In 2011, Chick went to Cloud Gate Dance School of Taiwan to receive training for creative form teaching. She was one of the instructors for Leap!, organized by The Robert H. N. Ho Family foundation in cooperation with Cloud Gate Dance School of Taiwan. She taught rhythmic movement courses at different kindergartens, child care centres, and community centres during her career with Leap!. In her four years of teaching, she was certain that educating children is going to be her lifelong career. She believes that education does not mean molding every child's body to be the same. Instead, education is to enable children to explore limitless possibilities with their bodies. In 2015, to deepen her studies, Chick continued to spread the idea of kinesthetic learning to different ares. She once again picked up her identity as a free-lance artist to re-explore teaching children about the topic and meaning of life. She hopes to help children explore and to be aware of their bodies and appreciate the value of existence. She also hopes to cultivate children to learn how to dance to their own breath at a young age, to find balance in between freedom and control, and to find their own voices in their life and movement. In 2017, she founded "Moving playground" to further promote body education to families, communities and schools.


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Early Enrolment Discount Period:24.02 (Sat) to 04.03 (Sun) 2018;Online registration:24.02.2018 10:00am - 04.03.2018 6:00pm;Register by post,fax or in person:on and after 05.03.2018

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