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Summer Dance Training (5-12 Aged)

Monday to Friday & 2 lessons per day(total 10 lessons), including 10 minutes resting time.

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Modern Dance
Basic technique movement (e.g. jumping, rolling…etc)

Instructor :
Kristy Choy

K Pop
Teacher will do choreography with the latest Korean pop songs.

Instructor :
Janette Wong

Hip Hop
Traning student’s body coordination and rhythmic sense.

Instructor :
Janette Wong


Jul (Modern Dance & K-Pop)
Date: 24-28.07.2017
Time: 10:30am-12:40pm
5-8 Aged
Course Code: CSC101 *Full*
9-12 Aged
Course Code: CSC201


Aug (Modern Dance & Hip Hop)
Date: 31.07-04.08.2017
Time: 10:30-12:40pm
5-8 Aged
Course Code: CSC102
9-12 Aged
Course Code: CSC202


Aug (Modern Dance & K-Pop)
Date: 07-11.08.2017
Time: 10:30-12:40pm
5-8 Aged
Course Code: CSC103 *Full*
9-12 Aged
Course Code: CSC203


Each course Enroll in 2 courses Enroll in 3 courses

(Early Enrolment)


(on or after 05.06.2017)

(Early Enrolment)


(on or after 05.06.2017)

(Early Enrolment)


(on or after 05.06.2017)

* The offer cannot be in conjunction with other discount offers


An assistant instructor is assigned in each class providing a better care to students.

Students are required to wear school uniform and sports shoes or dancing shoes.

Certificate for Summer Dance Training will be issued to those who have completed all the 3 level and attendance rate reached 80% or above.

■ Open class. Guardians are welcome to attend the below class at the last 20 minutes.

Course Code : CSC101 & CSC201 28.07 Fri
Course Code : CSC102 & CSC202 04.08 Fri
Course Code : CSC103 & CSC203 11.08 Fri

Online Registration
Early Enrolment Discount Period:24.02 (Sat) to 04.03 (Sun) 2018;Online registration:24.02.2018 10:00am - 04.03.2018 6:00pm;Register by post,fax or in person:on and after 05.03.2018

Special Offer
Enrol your kids early and receive discounts of up to 10%.

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  • Kristy Choy
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • Janette Wong
    Member of ShortyGunz.
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