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Summer Dance Training
Suitable aged 13 above who is currently enrolled in a full-time day courses offered by an acceptable institution in Hong Kong.
• Series of selected popular dance courses for new generation.
• Make good use of summer time to learn different dance styles.
• Designed and taught by experienced CCDC professional instructors.
• Explore students' potential and enhance their understanding of Dance Arts.
• Comprehensive and systematic dance training for dance elite


This is an introductory to the basic use of the body incorporating basic rhythm training and simple jump combinations.

Instructor: Lee Ka-ki

Hip Hop:

Hip Hop is well-known for its large range of movement and rapid foot steps.  It is an energetic dance with strong music beat and high level of body coordination.

Instructor: Marco Lui

Performance Skills:

Let's take your dancing to the next level by our professional instructor. In addition to the good body movements, there will be improve your expressions, attitudes, improvisation and act in emergency. Under the instructor's guidance on how you show charisma in front of an audience.

Instructor: Michael Wong

K-Pop (Jul):

Through light-hearted and upbeat choreography paired with Korean pop music. Gradually add the fundamental techniques of Hip Hop and Jazz Funk, with more difficult dance moves with an aim to strengthening body coordination. So that you, being a K-pop lover, will become even MORE addicted!

Instructor: Janette Wong

Urban Dance (Aug):

Urban Dance combines different elements of dance, movement wrapped in a lot of flexibility, so that switching between actions and personal style to create unique style hold, urban dance song lyrics very focused on understanding, and thus deduce the expression of song emotion and style.

Instructor: Chan Yan-yan


Jul (Date: 15-26.07.2019)
Time: 2:30-5:40pm

Course Code:


Fee: HK$2,100 / HK$1,785 (CCDC Dance Card Holder)
Total: 20 lessons (Mon to Fri, 2 lessons per day)


Aug (Date: 05-16.08.2019)
Time: 2:30-5:40pm

Course Code:


Fee: HK$2,100 / HK$1,785 (CCDC Dance Card Holder)
Total: 20 lessons (Mon to Fri, 2 lessons per day)

■ Students may apply for an attendance certificate provided that students’ attendance rate 80% or above. HK$30 will be charged for each course.
■ 10% discount will be offered for CCDC Dance Card Holder.
■ Discounts offer not applicable conjunction to SS101 & SS102 with “Flexicoupon”, “Early Enrollment Discounts” and “Dance More Get More” offers.
■ Copy of valid student identity card should be provided upon application.
■ Students are advised to wear sports wear and sports shoes or dancing shoes. Jeans are not advisable.


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  • Yan Yan Chan

    Yan is now a freelance dancer, instructor and choreographer. She started her Hip Hop and Jazz dance training in 2000 and following graduation she had worked as a dance tutor in several famous Hong Kong academies for Arts, teaching Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Urban Dance.

    In the past decade, Yan taught in numbers of social services agencies, tertiary institutions, secondary and primary schools and kindergartens. She is experienced in teaching and always try her best to fit students’ individual aptitude.

    Yan and her team also active in commercial event production and performance in recent years.  She enjoys challenge, and treasures any opportunities to work with different parties.  

  • Ka-ki Lee

    Born in Hong Kong, Lee Ka-ki received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree, majoring in contemporary dance, from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where he was the recipient of several scholarships. In 2009, he was awarded a scholarship to participate in the American Dance Festival. He has performed in various local and overseas dance performances and joined CCDC in 2012.

  • Marco Lui
    Macro is an experienced instructor who teaches various styles of dance including hip hop, popping, house, pop jazz. He has appeared in numerous shows and performances.
  • Janette Wong
    Member of ShortyGunz &  Fe-style Ranger.
  • Michael Wong
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Modern Dance); ATOD Gold Bar Jazz syllabus B (Honors); Member and choreographer of Greensco
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