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One Hour Special Courses

Want to learn dancing but worry about getting exhausted after the long class? The selected one-hour introduction courses helps you to make the first step more easily! Enrolment is always welcomed!

2020 3rd Term Dance Courses (17.08-30.10.2020) 

Enrolment Date:
CCDC Dance Card Holders start from:13.07.2020
Open enrolment starts from:14.07.2020
Fee Per Course : HK$910;HK$775 (CCDC Dance Card Holder)
* One Hour Special Courses are not applicable to Flexicoupon, Discounts & Dance More Get More are not applicable to the above offers. The offer cannot be in conjunction with other discount offers.


Yoga for Shoulder & NeckElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat11:00-12:00nn30.058Eva Wong720SC101
Relaxing the joint and stretching the muscle of shoulder and neck though Yoga, it lessens the pain gained from daily usage of electronic devices and negative emotion. By strengthening the muscle power with continuous practices, it helps to correct bad posture. Stay healthy and be strong! The lesson is suitable for all

Introduction to YogaIntroductory
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat12:00-1:00pm30.058Eva Wong720SC102CXL
Sun4:00-5:00pm31.058Natalie Mak720SC106CXL
A harmony between the body and the mind is attained through a series of breathing exercises, stretching, balancing and control exercises, relieving the body and tension from daily routine. Suitable for beginners. Target: suitable for beginners.

Jazz FunkElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat12:00-1:00pm30.058Michael Chan720SC103
Jazz Funk is one of the most popular dance styles used for pop singers in the US. It is characterised by intensive but precise movements fitting the rhythm of the music. The uniqueness of dance steps brings out the mood of the song. This introductory course is designed for the beginners. Target: suitable for the beginners.

Introduction to JazzIntroductory
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat1:00-2:00pm30.058Ken Kwok720SC104
This introductory course is designed for the beginners. By using pop music and simple steps, it offers an interesting approach for students to learn the basic techniques of Jazz and the coordination of limbs. Target: suitable for the beginners.

Introduction to BalletIntroductory
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat6:00-7:00pm30.058Pansy Lo720SC105
In this course, both the Russian and British ballet styles are introduced. Class will start with floor exercise -- some stretching,floor barre to experience specific muscle we needed in our ballet training .Following up with some simple barre work simliar to our floor barre. And ended with a bit centre work to find the weight of the body. Class with conducted in a slow paste in order to explain details information. Target: suitable for beginners students and one's want details work.

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  • Michael Chan

    He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Dance Department) with more than ten years of teaching and performance experience, and served as a dance judge. He is also a pop singer Michael Jackson Impersonator imitator and has deep familiarity with the stage.

    Among the sports, he has the qualification of (NBFA) International personal trainer and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) instructor. He has participated in bodybuilding competition experience and is also a swimming instructor.

  • Ka-wing Fok

    Freelance Dancer and Dance teacher

  • Ken Kwok
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Musical Theatre Dance); ISTD Advanced Tap (Honor). Dancer of the Hong Kong Dance Company and instructor for the CCDC Dance Centre.
  • Asahi Bruce Liu
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Modern Dance)
    Yoga teacher certificate, International yoga academy, Hong Kong.
  • Pansy Lo

    Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in ballet in 2015.

    With her outstanding performance, she has awarded numerous scholarships, such as Dean's Prize in Dance in 2015, and being the representative of the School of Dance to participate the ImPulzTans Vienna International Dance Festival in 2014.

    She joined the City Contemporary Dance Company as Dancer Trainee in 2015-2016.

    She is currently working as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.
  • Eva Wong

    Serving in education for over a decade, Eva possesses abundant teaching experience which made her good at taking care of students’ needs. Over many years of her yoga practice, she deeply feels how yoga can change our bodies, prevent them from exhaustion and pain and calm the emotions, leading to a body-mind union through the breath.

    Eva now works as a full-time yoga instructor, teaching different styles of yoga in several yoga centres, community centres and private clubhouses. She continues to study overseas to widen her scope of teaching, e.g. Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra etc.

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