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A harmony between the body and the mind is attained through a series of breathing, stretches, balancing and control exercises, relieving the body and themind from the tension of daily routine.


  1. Mattress is provided or students may prepare their own towels.
  2. To avoid any disturbance to students and show deference to the tutor.
  3. Please switch off the beeping devices on your alarm watches, pagers and mobile phones during the class.
  4. Students who are late for 10 minutes or more are not suggested to attend class.
  5. Please don't leave the studio without instructor’s approval or special reason.
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Mon5:00-6:25pm07.0110Ada Wong1260AY101CXL
Back to nature and simplicity. Exercises through breathing and stretching , balancing and controlling, try making the body and spirit working with harmony again, with removal of the senses letting oneself talk inward and peace the mind. This can release the daily-working pressure and muscle tension . This course is suitable for all parties to participate. Namaste!

Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Mon6:45-8:10pm07.0110Iris Sze1260AY102Full
Tue5:00-6:25pm08.0110Ada Wong1260AY103Full
Tue6:45-8:10pm08.0110Jo Leung1260AY104Full
Wed8:15-9:40pm09.0110Mary Jane Tang1260AY105Full
Sat2:30-3:55pm12.0110Mandy Sin1260AY106Full
Sat4:00-5:25pm12.0110Kinki Luk1260AY107Full
Sun10:00-11:25am13.0110Iris Sze1260AY108Full
Sun11:30am-12:55pm13.0110Kinki Luk1260AY109Full
Sun1:00-2:25pm13.0110Anthony Suen1260AY110
Target: suitable for beginners.

YogaElementary Progressive
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Thu6:45-8:10pm10.0110Mandy Sin1260AY111
Sat5:30-6:55pm12.0110Mandy Sin1260AY112
Suitable for students who have at least half a year of Yoga training.

Yoga FlowElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Wed6:45-8:10pm09.0110Mary Jane Tang1260YF101Full
Sat4:00-5:25pm12.0110Mandy Sin1260YF102Full
A dynamic asana practice combining poses with smooth transitions. Paying special attention to the breath and basic alignments, this moving practice is oriented towards lengthening muscles, strengthening core region