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A harmony between the body and the mind is attained through a series of breathing, stretches, balancing and control exercises, relieving the body and themind from the tension of daily routine.


  1. Mattress is provided or students may prepare their own towels.
  2. To avoid any disturbance to students and show deference to the tutor.
  3. Please switch off the beeping devices on your alarm watches, pagers and mobile phones during the class.
  4. Students who are late for 10 minutes or more are not suggested to attend class.
  5. Please don't leave the studio without instructor’s approval or special reason.
  6. Please wear mobility clothing when attend class, safety parts are recommended.

Noteice: The centre has stopped distributing the towels and the students are required to bring their own. 

Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Mon6:45-8:05pm25.058Iris Sze1010AY101
Tue5:00-6:25pm26.058Ada Wong1010AY102Full
Tue6:45-8:05pm26.058Jo Leung1010AY103
Wed8:15-9:35pm27.058Mary Jane Tang1010AY104
Thu6:45-8:05pm28.058Monica Hong1010AY105CXL
Fri5:00-6:25pm29.058Eva Wong1010AY106CXL
Sat2:30-3:50pm30.058Mandy Sin1010AY107Full
Sat4:00-5:20pm30.058Kinki Luk1010AY108Full
Sun10:00-11:20am31.058Iris Sze1010AY109Full
Sun11:30am-12:50pm31.058Monica Hong1010AY110Full
Sun1:00-2:20pm31.058Anthony Suen1010AY111CXL
Combining aerobics, Latin dance and variety of world dance, Zumba Fitness® effectively enhancing your heart and lung function to keep you health. Use different muscle groups toning exercise, combine with party dance move including hips, psoas muscles next to the pelvis and back. Muscles for abdomen as well as the muscles around the hands and feet, help to increase coordination and flexibility for your mind and body .In this continuous 1.5 hr dance marathon, it can improve your senses of balance and awareness for for your whole body to prevent the risk of injury.

YogaElementary Progressive
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat5:30-6:50pm30.058Mandy Sin1010AY112
Suitable for beginners.

Yoga FlowElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Wed6:45-8:05pm27.058Mary Jane Tang1010YF101
Sat4:00-5:20pm30.058Mandy Sin1010YF102Full
A dynamic asana practice combining poses with smooth transitions. Paying special attention to the breath and basic alignments, this moving practice is oriented towards lengthening muscles, strengthening core region, toning internal organs and detoxification. Each class is structured with a special theme such as back bending, hip opening or forward folds. Basic arm balances and inversions are included. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga for Shoulder & NeckElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Wed8:15-9:35pm27.058Eva Wong1010YN101
Relaxing the joint and stretching the muscle of shoulder and neck though Yoga, it lessens the pain gained from daily usage of electronic devices and negative emotion. By strengthening the muscle power with continuous practices, it helps to correct bad posture. Stay healthy and be strong! The lesson is suitable for all

Yoga StretchElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Fri6:45-8:05pm29.058Irene Lo1010YS101
Fri8:15-9:35pm29.058Jo Leung1010YS102
Sat5:30-6:50pm30.058Kinki Luk1010YS103
Sat7:00-8:20pm30.058Mandy Sin1010YS104
Sun10:00-11:20am31.058Kinki Luk1010YS105CXL
Sun11:30am-12:50pm31.058Iris Sze1010YS106Full
Sun1:00-2:20pm31.058Iris Sze1010YS107
The class will focus more on the Yin side of yoga practice, using the yoga posture more passively to stretch out the deeper side of our body. All the postures will hold a bit longer in order to have a deeper stretch for our inner body that will get into our ligaments and joints while stimulating the body’s inner energy. It also helps to develop our peaceful and meditative mind to release the pressure that resulted from our stressful city life. Suitable for all people.

Yoga Stretch Therapy
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Fri8:15-9:35pm29.058Irene Lo1010YT101
Yoga Stretch Therapy allow students to have a nice muscle stretch and open up their joint safely. Class will start with simple introduction of body structure and also some gentle pressure pointe massage theory, then will follow by Pranayama (Breathing exercise), leading to some gentle yoga posture slowly open up all big joints, continue with some asana to build up the core and muscle strength for our daily life used, as well as build up some physical ability. You can focus entirely on your own self, noticing your usual practice and look within. Yoga therapy is the facet of the science of Yoga and alignment of body that focuses on health and wellness. Class suitable to all level.

Yin Yang YogaElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Tue8:15-9:35pm26.058Jo Leung1010YY101
Thu8:15-9:35pm28.058Monica Hong1010YY102CXL
This class includes both elements of Yin and Yang side of the yoga asana practice. The class starts with the basic Hatha yoga asana practice, which is the Yang side of yoga. It uses our muscle energy together with our breath to heat up the body, which warms up all joints and muscles of our body. At the second half of the class, we will get into some deep stretching by some Yin yoga postures, using the gravity, our body weight and passive energy at a still posture to stretch and lengthen out the deep side of our muscle, joint, ligament and tendon. Suitable for all people.


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  • Monica Hong

    Monica is an experienced Yoga teacher. 

  • Jo Leung
    Jo's yoga journey can be traced back in 1999 when she was a dance student in The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts.  
    Throughout the years of practicing yoga, Jo observed that yoga helped her not only physically as a dancer, but also mentally and emotionally in her daily life, especially when she dealing with stress.  
    She appreciates the strength and peacefulness that she experienced in yoga and wants to be able to share with others in depth.  
    In 2013, Jo went to northern India to deepen her understanding in yoga (including postures, cleansing, breathing, meditation and yoga philosophies) and got her Yoga Teacher Certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta.  
    Jo believes that teaching yoga is not just guiding student into postures, it is a mutual growing process.  
    See you on the mat!
  • Irene Lo
    Irene was the Former Artist of Hong Kong Ballet Company.

    During this time, She performed many major roles like Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Clara in Nutcracker, Pu Yi's first wife in Last Emperor, Zhu Yin Tai in Butterfly Lovers which win the Award of "Outstanding Performance of the Year" by Hong Kong Dance Alliance in 2000, and same year win the" Most Promising Dancer" by the Friends of Hong Kong Ballet.  

    Irene still active in ballet field gusting with some local dance and drama company ; Workshop Tutor in Asian Grand Prix 2011 and  AGP Summer Intensive Program 2012; was invited as a Guest teacher in South African Ballet Theatre and the Academy; Artistic Coordinator and performer for " Dance for Japan"311; Artistic Coordinator for AGP competition 2012.

    Also part time teacher at APA and Ballet Mistress of Youth Ballet of Asia, freelance dancers and certify yoga instructor.
  • Kinki Luk
    Yoga alliance registered yoga teacher ;  diploma in yoga instructors training certificate course at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India ; Yoga teacher certificate, International yoga academy, Hong Kong.
  • Mandy Sin
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Ballet).
  • Anthony Suen

    Born in Hong Kong, Anthony Suen is a hoofer, musical theatre performer, choreographer also an instructor.

    Anthony graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in Musical Theatre Dance. During his study, he was awarded a scholarship to a musical theatre training program “CAP21” in New York. He is certified with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Advanced (1)Tap Certificate and the Australia’s Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) Gold Star Tap Certificate with Honours. In 2002, Anthony established “Tap Ensemble” a tap dance company with the mission of promoting tap through professional performance and education. He produced an original tap dance theatre show 《A Place for Us》 in 2006. He was one of the choreographers of the Hong Kong Dance Alliance's production《Dance Platform》in 2002.  In 2008, he choreographed the dance piece《My Tap Blog》at the《Emerging Choreographers Series Final Episode - danzzzzzling》. He also participated in the Tai Wan as well as New York Tap Festival and studied tap with various Japanese tap maestros.

    Recently, he has performed in the 40th Hong Kong Art Festival Contemporary Dance Series《Journey Of Sounds》.In 2011, he choreographed in a live music tap concert《Just In Time》with Yvette Nie from StudioDanz.

    Anthony joined the Hong Kong Disneyland as the leading male vocalist of the《High School Musical Live!》and《The Golden Mickeys》in 2008.  He is trained by the renowned Derek Anthony on classical vocalism.

    He has performed in numerous musicals including : HKAPA《Merrily We Roll Along》, 《42ndStreet》, 《Crazy For You》&《Best Of Broadway》;  MT Pulse 《Cheers!》;  Ben Ting Production《Starry Starry Night》; Springtime Production《Hong Kong Nocturne》; Drama Gallery’s《Vagabond》;  The Hong Kong Musical Theatre Federation《Pippin》, 《2004 New Year’s Eve Carnival》, 《A Life Journey Through Musicals》( performed in Tunisia "Le Bulletin du festival” 2005),《Musical Journey A to Z》 & 《Postcards from Broadway》;  HK Chorus’ 《Annie》; HK 3 Arts Musical Institute《Othello》; Theatre Space《DA》(a translated play);  The Hong Kong Arts Festival programme《The Legend of the White Snake》&《And Then There’s You》; Dance Art《Butterfly Effect》and Andy Wong In Concert《One Heart One Voice》.

    Anthony currently teaches at the CCDC Dance Centre and coaching private lessons with a more than ten years teaching experience, he also works as a freelance.

    He graduated from the Yoga Teacher Training Course organized by Barefoot Yoga Studio (USA)

  • Iris Sze
    Graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with major in Modern Dance.
  • Mary Jane Tang

    Tang holds a BA in Dance and Theatre Performance from Plymouth State University, NH of the US. She performed and choreographed in various shows throughout New England and American College Dance Festival Association. Her favorite piece was Battle Etude by Rober Battle: New York-based Battleworkds Dance Company in 2004. After graduation, she joined Kelly Donavon and Dancers Company in Cambridge Mass. She is a selected member of CCDC WuDaoQingNian in 2009, and showcased her first choreography in Hong Kong at CCDC My Own Dance in November 2009.

    Mary Jane is currently a Freelance Dance and Yoga Instructor. She got hooked on Bikram Yoga in Brooklyn N.Y 2004. She went on practicing many different styles of yoga through out the years. She got her 1st Teacher Certification with Absolute Yoga - Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Samui 2012, and in 2013 she received a Vinyasa Teacher Certification with Barefoot Yoga Studio – hosted by Contemporary City Dance Centre in Hong Kong. She wish everyone to have a happy & delightful day! 

  • Ada Wong

    Ada is a Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher (RYT®) with Yoga Alliance and a Certified Flyoga® Teacher.

    Ada graduated from the Yoga Teacher Training Course organized by CCDC Dance Centre and Barefoot Yoga Studio (USA), Flyoga® Instructor Training Program and Mindful Birth Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training with Dr Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa.

    Throughout the years, she keeps on deepening her practice and teaching by studying with a lot of master teachers in HK, India and overseas. She is grateful for having studied with Iyengar master teachers including Geetaji Iyengar (India), Father Joe Pereira (India), Birjoo Mehta (India) as well as Ashtanga Yoga teacher Tim Miller (USA) etc. She teaches yoga at different yoga, dance and fitness centers and offers yoga programs to corporate companies and social welfare organizations. She respects the abilities, restrictions and injuries of every individual and teaches according to the uniqueness of students, leading them to enjoy the freedom and peace brought by the union of body and mind. Her teaching places equal emphasis between alignment and agility, as well as flexibility and strength.

    She has been studying Iyengar Yoga and t’ai chi ch’uan lately to explore the inner work of our body and mind. 



  • Eva Wong

    Serving in education for over a decade, Eva possesses abundant teaching experience which made her good at taking care of students’ needs. Over many years of her yoga practice, she deeply feels how yoga can change our bodies, prevent them from exhaustion and pain and calm the emotions, leading to a body-mind union through the breath.

    Eva now works as a full-time yoga instructor, teaching different styles of yoga in several yoga centres, community centres and private clubhouses. She continues to study overseas to widen her scope of teaching, e.g. Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra etc.

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