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Ballet Graded

Chief Instructor: Vanessa Leung
Instructor: Milh Yau

  • Student of the Ballet classes will be promoted every Sep.

These courses teach the basic skills and vocabulary of ballet. Group discipline, sense of rhythm and body coordination are also emphasised. All new students must join the Trial Class, in which our course instructors will assign students to the class that suits them most according to individual ability.


  • Contents of the courses are based on syllabus of The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD)
  • Students will attend the CSTD Examination after taking the course
  • All class allocation and examination qualification must be approved by the course instructors
  • The fee for each trial session is HK$100. Please make your reservation by calling 2328 9205 one week in advance.
  • Download the course schedule from Sep 2015 to Aug 2016. Please Click: BPP101, 102, 103 及104 ; CBG601

Apply for leave:

  • Students of the Ballet-Graded Examinations Classes can take one free-charged leave in each term. It will be deducted in the tuition fee for next term. Please inform the Centre at least one hour before the class starts. Otherwise the student will be considered as absent and the fee cannot be refunded.
  • Starting from September 2010, student can apply for leave in person or by phone. However, for leave more than one sessions, students are required to submit application letter to the Centre.
  • The deduction cannot be accumulated.
  • Students can only enjoy deduction for one session’s leave each term no matter the total number of leave they take. Unless they apply leave for the whole term.
Ballet-Examinations Preparation Classes
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat11:00-12:00nnWhole Year8Milh Yau1040BPP101PTT
Sat12:00-1:00pmWhole Year8Milh Yau1040BPP102TTA
Sat1:00-2:00pmWhole Year8Milh Yau1040BPP103TTB
Sat3:00-4:00pmWhole Year8Milh Yau1040BPP104Pre-B
All new students must join the Trial Class, in which our course instructors will assign students to the class that suits them most according to individual ability;PTT(suitable for aged 3-4)、TTA(suitable for aged 4-5)、TTB(suitable for aged 5-6) & Pre-Ballet(suitable for aged 5-6)

Ballet-Examinations Classes
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Sat4:00-6:30pmWhole Year8Milh Yau1560CPP101Prmiary


Online Registration
Early Enrolment Discount Period:18.11 (Sat) to 03.12 (Sun) 2017;Online registration:18.11.2017 10:00am - 26.11.2017 6:00pm;Register by post,fax or in person:27.11-03.12.2017

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  • Venessa Leung
    RAD, ATOD, HKDE, Beijing Dance Academy member and registered teacher
  • Wing Yan Milh Yau

    CSTD, ATOD member and registered teacher; Registered Yoga teacher of ATFP; Registered Pilates teacher of AASFP

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