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2018 4th Term Short Course (Oct to Dec 2018)


Enrolment starts from: 17.09.2018 (Mon) 

Short Courses Early Bird Enrollment : 17.09-14.10.2018

Per course: HK$510 ; Two courses : HK$870

CCDC Dance Card Holder : Per course HK$430 ; Two courses HK$820


On or after 15.10.2018

Per course: HK$535 ; Two courses : HK$910

CCDC Dance Card Holder : Per course HK$450 ; Two courses HK$855


* Flexicoupon is not applicable to Short Courses.





Jazz FunkElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Tue7:00-8:00pm30.106Rex Chiu535SC108
Jazz Funk is one of the most popular dance styles used for pop singers in the US. It is characterised by intensive but precise movements fitting the rhythm of the music. The uniqueness of dance steps brings out the mood of the song. This introductory course is designed for the beginners. Target: suitable for the beginners.

Yoga Elementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Wed7:00-8:00pm31.106Eva Wong535SC109
Back to nature and simplicity. Exercises through breathing and stretching , balancing and controlling, try making the body and spirit working with harmony again, with removal of the senses letting oneself talk inward and peace the mind. This can release the daily-working pressure and muscle tension . This course is suitable for all parties to participate. Namaste!

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  • Rex Chiu

    APA graduate (Musical Theatre Dance) ; ISTD Advanced Tap ; Shiki Theatre Company Actor (2005-2006)

  • Eva Wong

    Serving in education for over a decade, Eva possesses abundant teaching experience which made her good at taking care of students’ needs. Over many years of her yoga practice, she deeply feels how yoga can change our bodies, prevent them from exhaustion and pain and calm the emotions, leading to a body-mind union through the breath.

    Eva now works as a full-time yoga instructor, teaching different styles of yoga in several yoga centres, community centres and private clubhouses. She continues to study overseas to widen her scope of teaching, e.g. Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra etc.

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