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Modern Dance Animateur Workshop

CCDC's modern dance workshop for secondary students is the largest-scale programme of the CCDC Dance Centre. The scheme is now in its 21st year since its inception when the Regional Council still existed. Almost 6000 students have joined the scheme so far. Some of them now study dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and some have become professional dancers or instructors.

The scheme now has been extended to serve 12 primary and secondary schools in different districts. Our professional instructors go into campus to provide a 10-month training for students, which includes in-school introductory dance performance, dance camp, teachers dance workshop and children-parents' day camp. They also choreograph works for students to perform in the annual finale performance “Dancing in the Sun”.
Throughtout years of development, the scheme has evolved from a dance course for students to now a systematic and all-round dance-learning experience which also benefit the parents and teachers. This makes the scheme unique and valuable.
"Jubilee Celebration" 2015/16 School Modern Dance Animateur Scheme
Highlights and Objectives
  • A school-year-long modern dance training programme
  • Suitable for participation by primary and secondary schools with a variety of dance experience
  • Reviews the features of our body through a series of modern dance training exercises that explore the possibilities of physical coordination and expression, to relise creativity together with other students
  • Programme includes an introductory dance performance, dance workshop, guided theatre tour and dance appreciation, dance day camp and the finale performance Dancing In The Sun 2016
  • Students will perform a performance at a public venue

The details of MDW 2017/18 will be announced in May 2017. (Please refer to chinese version)

Participating schools of 2015/16 School Modern Dance Animateur Scheme
  • International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School
  • Emmanuel Primary School
  • A.D. & F.D. Of Pok Oi hospital Mrs. Cheng Yam On School
  • Ma On Shan St. Joseph's Secondary School
  • Carmel Holy Word Secondary School
  • CCC Chuen Yuen College
  • HKSYC & IA Chan Nam Chong Memorial College
  • T.W.G. Hs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College
  • Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College
  • Pok Oi Hosipital Secondary School
  • CCC Kei Chi Secdonary School
  • Our Lady's College
CCDC Dance Centre’s future support to the participating schools after their completion of the Scheme:
  1. Provide material for conducting dance activities at schools;
  2. Design and run tailor-made dance courses at schools;
  3. Introduce other dance courses, instructors or dance activities.
Prospects of the students who have finished the Scheme:
  1. Join CCDC Dance Centre' Scholarship Scheme and further develop their technique and performing skills;
  2. Continue their training at Dance Centre and perform at our annual showcase as well as other community performances;
  3. Join our Wudaoqingnian project for young adult and perform in the community and overseas.
  4. Study at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts;
  5. Work as a dance instructor, choreographer or a dance administrator.
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