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Street Jazz
As its name suggests, Street Jazz is a style originated from streets which is improvisational in nature. It was first seen in the Afro-American community who danced to music in the street. Gradually this free style became their unique way of communication and culture. As the movements are not designed for the stage, skills and aesthetics which are emphasised in Jazz, are not important in this improvisational dance. Instead, it focuses on interpreting the music and lyrics. Hip Hop and Rap are the popular music choices. Adding to the excitement, choreographic skills are introduced in the class to create dance in the fashion of an MTV.
Street JazzElementary
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Mon6:45-8:10pm25.0610Yau Ka-kit1260SJ101
Mon8:15-9:40pm25.0610Derek Li1260SJ102FULL
Tue5:00-6:25pm26.0610Yau Ka-kit1260SJ103
Sat2:30-3:55pm30.0610Yau Ka-kit1260SJ104FULL
Sun1:00-2:25pm01.0710Michael Wong1260SJ105FULL
Target: Suitable for beginners or anyone interested in dance.

Street JazzElementary Progressive
Class DayTimeStart DateSessionsInstructorFeeCourse Number
Wed6:45-8:10pm27.0610Asahi Bruce Liu1260SJ106CXL
Target: suitable for students who had received Street Jazz basic training before and half year of dance training.