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"Artistic soul of contemporary Hong Kong" South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

"Thoroughly professional, the young, technically brilliant Hong Kong Chinese with highly efficient acrobatic skills are the best cultural ambassador of their city." Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

"CCDC is at its best when it succeeds in combining modern, western-style dance techniques with the Chinese tradition." Berliner Zeitung, Germany

"The company of dancers was so good to be virtually beyond criticism." Dance Europe, UK

"One of Asia's most acclaimed ensembles." International Arts Manager, UK

"This ensemble, which is a mixture of East and West, is a direct expression of the history of Hong Kong." Tikvah Hatar-Yishai, reviewer of Karmiel Dance Festival, Israel

"The suggestive and dynamic body language of K can hardly be described in words." Lahrer Zeitung, Germany

"The ever younger generation of CCDC keeps on shining through a diverse way and truly reflects the multi-faceted modern dance creation and dynamism in Hong Kong." Dance Information, China

"A troupe of strong, beautifully trained and good-looking young dancers." New York Times, USA

"Well trained classically in the various traditional modern genres, the company has much control and lovely line." The Gazette, Montreal, Canada

"The Company's prolific choreographers are the pumps of this characteristically dynamic dance group." China Post, Taiwan

"The company is strong technically and artistically, mature and cohesive."The Straits Times, Singapore

"CCDC has established itself to be the most long-running and most representative modern dance company from Hong Kong."AsiaWeek, Hong Kong

"Without the incessant efforts in these years by CCDC, modern dance would not have attained such importance in Hong Kong as well as in China." Hong Kong Daily News, Hong Kong

"Physical control par excellence - that was one of the most striking characteristics of CCDC from Hong Kong." Westfaelische Nachrichten, Germany

“City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) never ceases to impress with the versatility and skill of dancers and its commitment to creating new work.” South China Morning Post, Hong Kong


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